• 1. Exact Location and Area:

    The mines are located in Republic of Mali, West Africa about 55 km south west of the Capital City of the Republic that is the city of Bamako. The exact Geographic coordinates are available on the website in the section ‘Project Dogoro’. The Current Concession for Exploitation is for 939 sq. km. that is 93,900 hectares ~ 1 lac hectares, about 2/3rd the size of Delhi or more than twice the size of Mumbai.

  • 2. Length of Exploitation Permit:

    The Exploitation License for the Mine area of about 939 sq. km. is for a minimum 30 years, extendable by another 10 years. Thus minimum extraction period available as of today is 40 years.

  • 3. Production:

    Currently, the production at the mine is fairly limited. However since abundant amount of ore is available as Float Ore, production can be quickly ramped up for immediate production volume.

  • 4. Transportation Facility:

    The Mine haulage roads have been developed to some extent and hence ROM from the mines can be brought to the Transportation Yard fairly quickly. Trucking facility in terms of Truck Companies – both Large Trucking Operators and Small Operators are available to transport the material from the Mine Yard to the Port of Shipment at Dakar, Senegal. Roads from the Transportation Yard to the Port of Shipment are very well developed and maintained.

  • 5. Type of Company:

    The Name of the Company which has mineral rights is Sahel Resources and Minerals SA. SA is the French equivalent of a Limited Company. Currently, the Government of Republic of Mali has 10% stock holding in the company.

  • 6. Environmental Clearance Certificate:

    The Company has all the requisite rights to exploit / extract Iron Ore from the mine area including Environment License / Permit.

  • 7. Grade of Ore:

    The Ore has been extensively tested and analyzed for Steel Making (some of the SGS reports are presented in the online presentation and as online attachments) and has been accepted and used by Steel Makers both in India and China. The Fe Content for the Ore is found to be upwards of 58 % reaching up to 66 % in some areas. All other elements in the ore are also well within the Steel making Industry norms.

  • 8. Reserve Estimate:

    Based on the current exploration / investigation conducted by Independent Geologists and complied as a Feasibility Report which was submitted to the Department of Geology and Mines, Government of Republic of Mali, the estimated reserve is about 24 Million Tons. However this reserve estimate is only for the limited area within the mines. Entire area of the mine has not yet been investigated / explored and therefore the reserve estimate is likely to go up significantly.

  • 9. Extraction Per Annum:

    Currently seven Potential exploitation Zones have been identified in the exploration process comprising an area of some 31 square kilometers.

  • 10. Exploitation Zones:

    There is no limitation on the Permitted Extraction of Iron Ore per Annum.