The four cornerstones of sustainable development approach that form the framework of Sahel Resources and Minerals business operations include the environment, the society, the employees and last but not the least the governance system.

Care for the environment is central to Sahel Resources and Minerals approach. Sahel and its management are committed to conducting operations in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Sahel has adopted an Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy to express its commitment to the environment and the local communities in which it works. This commitment to sustainable development is achieved through the undertaking of its programs in a manner which balances environmental, economic, technical, and social issues.

Respect for the local communities is one of the key reasons for success of Sahel Resources and Minerals in the West African region. With the setting up of the mine in the Dogoro sector in the Mali Region, the company has ensured a stable source of employment for the local community with continuous flow of revenue generation. Listening to people is an important first step. Through listening, we strive to understand the needs and aspirations of the communities and conduct our activities in ways that benefit those with close ties to our project. We strive to act as a responsible participant of the communities in which we operate. Adopting open and transparent communications with local communities and governments is paramount to establishing this kind of relationship. Learning from one another, having mutual respect and working together will result in shared success.

The backbone of any organization is its employees. A highly competitive remuneration plan and a motivating work environment have ensured a healthy work environment for all at Sahel Resources and Minerals. Timely appraisals and regular reward and recognition, keep the employees charged to work. A Total Employee Development Program initiated by the human resource team promotes employee up skilling and availability of growth opportunities within the organization.

Safety considerations are of paramount importance to us. Our Safety motto is “One accident is one too many”.

Adherence to government policies and high standards of ethics are pivotal to our success. Our reputation to being responsible has helped us gain acceptance with the government. We strongly prohibit and discourage corruption and bribery of any kind