Globally, the Mineral sector is going through a technological revolution to cope with the downstream innovations. The advancement of technology and the hunger for mineral resources has resulted in excavation of gargantuan volumes of natural resources from earth crust. At present mining industries is constantly in search of higher levels of resources and production with utilization of technology for using both high and low grade minerals. Besides the economics of operating scale the new dimension about Mineral development today is focus on automation, cleaner and greener mining system and operations.

Geographically Africa is the continent where the focus and the race is on to explore and exploit the continents vast unexplored and undeveloped minerals resources. The continent which is indeed endowed with rich, diverse and huge reservoir of mineral resources however presents challenges unlike other mineral rich regions of the world in terms of lack of infrastructure, Industrialization and markets and above all governance issues.

Considering this vast opportunity and under the Government of Republic of Mali’s mining code facilitation and encouragement programme the company expressed the desire and subsequently obtained rights to research Iron Ore and other minerals.

Currently the Company has mineral rights for exploration and exploitation of Iron Ore and other minerals in Dogoro, circle of Kangaba, Region of Koulikoro of Republic of Mali. The total area granted to the company under this concession for exploration and exploitation is 939 square kilometers. With Environmental Clearance from the Government of Republic of Mali in place and confirmed commercial viability of Iron Ore at this project the company has already undertaken sample shipments from this project.

Besides the Project Dogoro concession the company is focusing on exploring and investigating new mineral rights for various minerals in other parts of Mali and other countries of West Africa including Niger, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Guinea.