Under the Government of Republic of Mali’s Mining Code facilitation and encouragement programme, the area located in Dogoro, circle of Kangaba, Region of Koulikoro, Mali was signed for Iron Ore and other Group II minerals research in February 2009. The formal convention for the research was signed on Feb 19th 2009 and the Decree was granted in April 2009.

Further to the convention and granting of the research area, a team of independent consultants and geologists undertook detailed survey, mapping, geological & physiographic study and Resource modeling. An independent team of environmental experts also undertook environmental & social impact and management study for undertaking mining activity in this research area.

The Government of Republic of Mali against the submission of Environmental and Social Impact Study and the Project Dogoro Feasibility Study granted the Environment Permit in October 2010. This was followed by the grant of Exploitation Permit for an area of 430 square Kilometer in November 2011 and further extension of the mining area by the Decree to 939 square kilometer in November 2012.

Besides the Project Dogoro Iron Ore concession the company has also signed several other mineral research and exploration concessions for Copper, Manganese and Bauxite at various locations in other parts of Mali and other countries of West Africa including Niger, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Guinea. These concessions are at various stages of research and viability studies.