The success of any organization depends upon its adaptability and how strong are the bonds of relationship with the local communities. Sahel Resources and Minerals, since its inception in the West African region has constantly and continuous worked on ensuring strong ties between the company and the local inhabitants. This today, has not only ensured Sahel Resources and Minerals’s long term substantiality but has also been extremely fruitful to the local communities in the Dogoro sector of The Mali Region.

Extreme care is taken to ensure that the company does not undertake any action that would have a negative impact on the society. While working on profits is always the main motive of any organization, at Sahel Resources and Minerals, we also watch out for the betterment of the local residents of the region. Sahel Resources and Minerals operations have ensured a regular source of income and employment in the region which has resulted in the economic up-liftment of the community.